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Home Service in Nepal

Homes or houses look better when they are clean and decorated. A good and warm house has proper furniture, beautiful walls, better drainage, and plumbing maintenance. However, it is difficult to maintain and manage all these things all by yourself. So, where can you find home maintenance services in Kathmandu? Or where can you get affordable home services like plumbing service, painting services, AC repair services, or Carpenter services in Kathmandu valley or inside Nepal?

Quick movers Nepal offers all these services in the valley like Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Kirtipur, and all over the other regions of Nepal.

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Plumber Service

Looking for the best plumbing services around Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Kirtipur, Bhaktapur valley, or outside the valley.

Quick movers Nepal is the go-to plumber for homeowners, offices, or buildings across the country. Why? Our plumbing expertise supports and provides courteous, affordable, effective, and friendly plumbing services. Our service mission is to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

From the time of our establishment to the present and future, our experts make sure homeowners, or offices are getting and shall get the best plumbing services. You can be confident enough to have excellent service when you call on us. Our team always stands right behind you and goes an extra mile to get the job done quickly and professionally.

Our lead and assets: Leave your plumbing problem to us.

Our plumbing experts’ assistance helps to prevent any kind of emergency plumbing issues. Here, we have designed our advantage plans and assets that will help you to understand all the benefits you can receive from our plumbing services.

What are the benefits of our plan?

  • Proper and Priority Scheduling: Looking for urgent plumbing services. Don’t worry we have you covered. We will put you on our top priority list whenever you need us.
  • Preferential Pricing: Being a part of our advantage plan and leads, we will provide you special exclusive discounted pricing on all our services.
  • Occasional Specials: Our loyal customers are the greatest assets to our organization. We highly value our loyal clients. Therefore, we support our clients with additional VIP discounts.
  • Personalized Records: As a part of our lead, we keep the records of our inspections to ensure fast and effective diagnosis on your plumbing system.

Why Choose Quick movers Nepal?

All the plumbing service may and cannot guarantee excellent workmanship, up-front pricing, licensed and secured plumbing contractors, and gracious support from the uniformed experts. Whether you are looking for drain cleaning or in need of plumbing inception and services, Quick movers Nepal can handle it all. Our well trained, experienced with well-equipped tools will help you to achieve optimal results.

What are the services we offer?

Our plumbing expertise covers a wide range of services in plumbing execution both internal and external plumbing systems. The services that we offer in plumbing services include:

  • Maintenance of both internal and external plumbing or sanitary systems as per the modern code of practice.
  • Maintenance and repair of the domestic water supply system.
  • Repair and execution of internal and external drainage systems.
  • Rainwater or stormwater maintenance and execution.
  • Maintenance of Sewerage Treatment plants (STP), Effluent Treatment Plants(ETP), Water Treatment plants (WTP), and others.
  • Hot and cold water supply installment and maintenance.
  • Modern Sanitary fixture maintenance and installments like steam, sauna, Jacuzzi and Swimming pools

Painting service

Quick movers Nepal provides professional painting services in the valley like Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Kirtipur and outside the valley like Pokhara, Dharan, Biratnagar and much more. We paint the interior and exterior part of the wall using the latest technologies.

Without a doubt, painting makes your home, building, or office attractive and clean. The other reason apart from aesthetics to paint your house or office is to protect it from dust, dirt, and rain. This highlights the significance of painting your wall, house, or office.

However, painting also requires knowledge and expertise. Quick movers Nepal offers the best painting services inside the Kathmandu valley and outside the valley. We help to keep your interior and exterior walls look mesmerizing and to protect from dust and dirt.

Painting services Quick Movers Nepal offers:

Our plumbing experts’ assistance helps to prevent any kind of emergency plumbing issues. Here, we have designed our advantage plans and assets that will help you to understand all the benefits you can receive from our plumbing services.

What are the benefits of our plan?

  • House Painting:
    Our experts can provide a very basic kind of house painting. Upon your request, our team inspect and recommend a suitable painting color that suits your house or office. Our painting services are tailored to your needs. Our painting experts paint your entire interior and an exterior wall of the house or office with spectacular design and art and give a vibrant new look to your house or wall. Aside from painting the interior and exterior part of the house or office, we also offer painting services to your doors, the rim of your windows, and other furniture.
  • New Construction building or house painting:
    We not only remodel your house or office via painting but also offer full painting services to newly constructed buildings or houses. We offer various painting designs with excellent craftsmen. We are easily available around and outside the valley equipped with modern tools and expertise. You can also hire our painters for painting services. Our painting service is insured with experience, time and cost-effective.
  • Commercial painting:
    Our painting team and services are well trained and professional in the commercial painting field as well. We offer commercial painting services such as in hotels, restaurants, conference rooms, and many others. We offer services not only via painting but also with painting art and architecture that suits your building, hotels, and others.

Why Quick movers Nepal Painting service?

We are not just painting groups but a team with adequate knowledge and experience in this field. Over the past years, we have proven ourselves with our identical efforts and results to our customers. We are well equipped with tools and types of equipment that are required for professional painting. We are well accustomed to modern brush, harness, and helmets for the protection of our professional painters.

Things you need to know before choosing us?

  • Increase the value of your assets:
    Painting not only has aesthetic value but also helps to protect your property from harms like dust, rain, and insects. One of the best ways to remodel the interior and exterior part of your building or office is painting. Accordingly, it also preserves and increases the value of your property.
  • Enhancing properties aesthetic appeal:
    Upon your request and your behalf, we can paint your building with the most possible economic way. Our services help to mesmerize and appreciate the aesthetic appeal making your home vibrant and lively. After all, the place that you live needs to be decorated and well maintained.
  • Protects indoor healthy air frequency:
    Quick movers Nepal painting service is acquainted with high and premium quality painting colors. We promote indoor healthy air quality by using ISO certified painting colors..
  • Minimize dust and dirt:
    Plastered walls alone are not enough to prevent and minimize the outside dust and dirt from entering into buildings. Therefore, painting is important. And we can help you to protect your building from dust and dirt via quality painting service.
  • Hide permanent marks and stains:
    Besides painting, we as well put our effort to cover permanent marks and stain. Our expert covers any kind of marks and stain that are present in the building or house and make it look beautiful and eye-catching.
  • Reasonable price:
    Our professionals are experts in conducting a feasibility study and estimate the adequate cost that can be incurred during painting services. Further, our recommendation on using tools and equipment for painting is appropriate and reasonable. We as well recommend you the best painting brand and colors to use based on your investment.
    If you are thinking of painting your house or office inside and outside the valley, feel free to call us. We do not compromise our services until we satisfy our clients or customers.

AC Repair

Quick Movers Nepal, established in the year 2014 has been offering various types of moving and shifting services to date. Further, we have also updated our services like vehicle transportation, cleaning services, cargo services, plumbing services, and much other. And among these services, Air conditioner repair and maintenance has also been one of the top services since the date of establishment.

The installation of AC is very common in houses and offices nowadays. However, installing an AC only is not sufficient to acquire the qualitative facilities provided by it. It needs regular check-ups and maintenance.

Your AC needs repair and maintenance services

Before moving into AC repair services, first lets see some common conditions where AC needs to be repaired and maintained.

  • Air conditioner won’t turn on
  • Uneven cooling
  • Water dripping from the unit/ Refrigerant leaks
  • The air conditioner is making disturbing noises.
  • AC condenser repair
  • Coil cleaning
  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Thermostats calibration and repair

So, if you notice any kind of above-mentioned problems then its time for repairing your Air conditioner.

AC Repair and Maintenance Programs

Quick movers Nepal offers single as well as multiple air conditioning maintenance units at all major cities of Nepal like Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Pokhara, Butwal, and so on. We also offer annual maintenance contracts and comprehensive maintenance contracts based upon our clients’ requirements and needs.

What do we offer?

Quick mover Nepal experts can repair and maintain all brands of AC including domestic and commercial air conditioners such as Type air conditioner, Cellini cassette split air conditioner, floor standing split air conditioner, inverter type AC and many others.

With our expert and skilled technicians, we will diagnose the problem and provide you the best solution. We are professional and specialized in the Air Conditioning field; Wall Mount Split AC, Ceiling Cassatt Split AC, Ceiling Exposed Split AC, Window AC, Package AC, VRF AC, HVAC, etc. Fast home service in KATHMANDU, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur area of Nepal. Also, we have a technical team to service all over Nepal.Our team experts and skilled technicians can diagnose all the problems related to AC.

Carpenter Service

Does your furniture at home or office need repair and maintenance? Are you looking for a reliable carpenter service around you?

We, if you are then you can easily hire a professional carpenter for Quick Movers Nepal. We are available at your doors upon your request. Our professional can handle any kind of furniture. We offer services like new furniture making, polishing work, modular kitchen customizing, or just general carpentry services.

Some of the common carpentry repair needs include door not closing, windows not closing, loose door handles, and so on. Get a quick mover Nepal to get high quality and timely carpentry services. We are available in major cities of Nepal.

Why hire carpenters from Quick Movers Nepal?

You need assistance when it comes to repairs, maintenance, and building projects. Our team is highly trained and professional in carpentry service.

We provide all kinds of support to ensure each carpentry project is managed efficiently and with proper care.

Our Speciality

  • Our workmanship is guaranteed.
  • We offer competitive prices and deliver our work on a tight schedule.
  • Our carpentry team is supported by training and relevant certification and experience.
  • Quick mover Nepal service is customer friendly.
  • Our presence is all over Nepal.
  • Our team offers and supports a wide range of services.

Our work project covers:

  • Repair and maintenance of any sort of fixture made of wood and other furniture.
  • Install and repair doors, baseboards, trim, mouldings, cabinets and other carpentry.
  • Design and Build entire stairs and its forms.
  • Custom inbuilt furniture like desks, wardrobes, and many more.
  • Exterior work support that includes decking, fencing, outdoor furniture, weatherboards, and pergolas.
  • Interior work support like repairs, wardrobe alterations, ceiling panel replacement and maintenance, hardwood floors, storage solutions, and shelving.
  • Restoration of projects that includes large-scale timber replacement and repair and furniture restoration.

Quick movers Nepal is always happy to have a chat with prospective clients and know their individual needs. If you have a carpentry task in mind for our team, feel free call us today and we can discuss your options.